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RotaTone User Guide

Here is the original RotaTone user guide found on the net – Rotatone Operation Manual

If you have problems with BT’s  “The number you have dialed has not been recognised” when programming one of the memory numbers, this will get you around the problem.:-

Option 1

Pick up the handset, dial 17070, when prompted, dial option 2 for quiet line. Now you can program your speed dials without the disruption of the voice over.  You will still have a recorded message stating “BT quiet line”, but this time it shouldn’t affect the programming.

For Example, to store PlusNet’s phone number to speed-dail 5, follow this procedure:

  1. Pick up handset
  2. Dial 17070
  3. When prompted dial 2 for quiet line
  4. Place your finger in 5 in the dial and pull the dial around to the finger stop and listen for beeps, keep holding until 2 tones in quick succession are heard in the receiver. Immediately release the dial, now dial 0 8 0 0 4 3 2 0 2 0 0
  5. Replace the receiver back on-hook
  6. The number had now been stored

To use this speed dial, lift the receiver and dial number 5, to the finger stop and hold until a single beep is heard in the receiver. Immediately release the dial. You will then hear RotaTone dial the stored number.

If ‘quiet line’ is unavailable or doesn’t work when programming speed-dials …

Option 2

1. Ring the landline number the RotaTone’d phone is attached to from another number ie. Get someone to phone you, or phone from your mobile (leave mobile in another room to eliminate echo).

2. Answer phone. When connected, program your speed-dial, as shown in the above bullet points 4, 5 and 6, then hang-up the phone you’re programming. Hang up mobile.

3. Test speed-dial – dial and hold programmed speed-dial number, until 1 ‘blip’ is heard. Release dial – RotaTone will dial saved number.

If you use the “phone from your mobile” option, you can program all required speed-dials at the same time – pressing the hook-switch in between each speed-dial saves the number and resets the RotaTone, as long as the mobile call stays connected – Don’t forget to hang up the mobile afterwards.

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