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I supply RotaTone and all required components and parts in kit form for £25 (including P&P in the UK), sent Royal Mail, First Class. I also ship worldwide*, contact me for postage costs via the contact page or emailing me directly at admin@rotatone.co.uk

* Important : I do not sell to the USA or Canada. Please purchase from Old Phone Works directly.

The RotaTone Module

RotaTone Rotary Dial Telephone Pulse to DTMF Tone Module

The kit contains:-RotaTone Rotary Dial Telephone Pulse to DTMF Tone Kit

  • The RotaTone unit
  • Polarity guard / rectifier
  • Diode
  • Link wire
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • 2 cable-ties
  • Solder eyelets / lugs

To see if RotaTone fitting is a project you feel comfortable with please see the fitting pages.

RotaTone and all required components and parts in kit form for £25.

I also sell a pre-soldered kit for the GPO 706 / 746 / 8746 for £35. For most of the parts only flat bladed screwdriver will be required, BUT, please note there is still a link wire that will require soldering onto the component board on the GPO 706 and 746’s.

I can also supply …

  • ‘205’ rectifiers
  • REN resistors
  • Phone Extension Cables
  • Master Sockets
  • RJ45 to telephone patching cabling and adapters
  • BroadBand filters containing the ring capacitor
  • European adapters containing the ring capacitor so your phone will work and ring abroad.

… please ask.

When you have purchased your RotaTone kit, please look out for my acknowledgement email – usually within 24 hours (check your spam folder also). I will need to know what model of phone you are fitting your RotaTone to.

Thank you.

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