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What is RotaTone?

RotaTone converts your rotary dial telephone into a “touchtone” telephone, without adding any buttons. It also give you the capability to dial * and #. You can do your phone banking, access voicemail services like 1571 etc using your rotary dial phone … You will also now have Last Number Redial and you can store 7 phone numbers you regularly use! Retro cool!

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If you own a classic rotary / dial telephones, you may or may not know that they only work on pulse dialling, which BT still support currently – but it will be phased out in the future.

Pulse dialling works by producing a number of pulses on the line when each number is dialled. For example, when you dial 8, the dial clicks (pulses) 8 times when it returns back to the start. The telephone exchange then ‘counts’ these and converts to an 8. This is repeated for each number dialled. For a full explanation, check out the Wiki Page – Wiki – Pulse Dialling

Today’s telephone exchanges all work on tone dialling – DTMF – (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency signalling). Again, for a full explanation, check out the Wiki Page – Wiki – DTMF / Tone Dialling

Currently, most of BT’s phone network in the UK still supports pulse dialling. I’m unsure about Virgin / Cable lines.

Though, regardless of whether or not your phone network accepts pulse dialling, most businesses you call have some sort of computerised system that needs you to “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts or 3 to speak to a real person …”.  A number dialled from a pulse dial phone isn’t recognised. This is where RotaTone brings your Rotary Dial phone right up to date – while still having that classic design and great bell ring we all love and miss!

RotaTone is a clever gizmo that was invented by a genius that wanted to make all of those Rotary Dial Telephones sitting in peoples lofts useable with today’s technology, giving them at least another 30 years of life!

Fitting a RotaTone to your old Rotary / Dial GPO telephone means no change to the call quality, the look or that great loud bell-ring.

RotaTone, also gives you the much needed facility to dial * and #, Last Number Redial and you can store upto 7 phone numbers you regularly use.
Seriously! Last number redial and stored numbers on your old 80’s phone, with no added buttons, switches or having to plug your phone into an external gadget!

With some basic soldering know-how a RotaTone can be fitted pretty easily.

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